Thursday, October 13, 2016

Information for Melissa, TX moms

Our chapter has received quite a few messages over the past few months from moms in neighboring Melissa, TX, inquiring about joining MOMS Club. The boundary restrictions set by the International MOMS Club don't allow our McKinney-Central chapter to accept members outside of McKinney, and while there isn't currently a chapter in Melissa, there definitely seems to be a need to for one. The good news is, we would love to help!

Our club is based on the idea of moms providing support from fellow moms, so we feel terrible when we have to turn someone away. The reason for the geographic boundaries is that the MOMS club wants to help women connect with others within their own community, so that we can each build a network of support close to home.

We've been keeping a list of names and contact info for the Melissa moms who contact us, and we'd like to continue to add to it. If you'd like to add your name to the list of Melissa moms who are interested in joining a local MOMS club once it forms, please email us at

What we really need to get your club off the ground, however, is a Melissa mom or group of two or three moms who are interested in leading the club during its first year. Our McKinney-Central club is headed by an executive board consisting of a president, membership vice president, administrative vice president, secretary, and treasurer. We would like to help set you up with the same structure, but you can start with a smaller board and add to it as you go, if needed.

If you're interested in the possibility of starting a club in Melissa, or helping to start a club in Melissa, please email us and we'll discuss what steps we'd want to take. You can attend some of our McKinney events to see how our club works, and meet with our board members. Before we were board members, most of us were fairly new to Texas. We weren't exactly sure what we were getting into, but we dove right in and have enjoyed the process. Even if you're a new mom, or a new resident of Melissa, you would be doing a big service to your town to help get a club off the ground!

Send your thoughts and questions to us at or leave your comments here. 

Kind regards,
Melissa (2016-2017 McKinney-Central President)


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