Friday, July 27, 2012

Club Meeting and Olympics Kick Off!

We met at a local park for our first club meeting of our new year.  We had several agenda items covered, while the children splashed on the spray pad or climbed on the play ground.  We approved spending for advertising fliers and discussed the plans for our first service project.  Looking forward to a tour of a nearby hospital.  More details to come on that topic.

After the agenda was covered we called over all the children for some MOMS Club Olympic games.  Although one of the children was concerned that he was going to be bored, I assured him that we would try to keep it fun.  :-)

We played the following games:

  • Group Race: water balloon and spoon
  • Group Race: water balloon between the knees
  • Group Race: straw between the lip and nose
  • "javelin" throw with a 2' foot straw
  • "hammer" throw made from a ball of reused wrapping paper inside a brown paper bag and tied off with yarn
  • "shot put" toss made from a ball of reused wrapping paper 
  • Cheese Heads Game - a team of two partnered off where one team member covered their head with a shower cap, which was then coated in whip cream; the other team member was armed with a cup full of cheese balls.  Goal was to see how many cheese balls could be thrown and land safely in the mound of whip cream
All participants were rewarded with goldfish crackers, push up frozen pops, their own ribbon wand and a gold medal!  And in the end, said child said he had a great time!


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